Cliffhanger Thrills

UNRATED • 5m • 2017 • Special

Visit sunken Atlantis, killer robots and death rays. Recall adventure serial thrills from Saturday Matinees or early TV. Down under the sea in sunken Atlantis, Ray "Crash" Corrigan finds killer robots, futuristic airships, chariots, death rays, a raging civil war and Lon Chaney Jr. as the captain of the bad guys' army. This is sure to arouse memories of Saturday matinee serials or how much you (well, mainly boys) loved robots (and we still do). Ray Corrigan broke into movies with his gorilla suits and played an ape in Tarzan the Ape Man, Tarzan and His Mate, Flash Gordon and Darkest Africa serials, plus other apes both before and after his first starring role in UNDERSEA KINGDOM. His nickname "Crash" came from his character name in this serial. Ray also starred in Republic's PAINTED STALLION serial in 1937 and a long western career in The Three Mesquiteers and Range Busters series. Lon Chaney had slipped in the world of B films since his triumphant first role in THE LAST FRONTIER (currently running each Saturday here at MMT). He would star in a later but lesser western serial OVERLAND MAIL (1942, Columbia) made right after his success as THE WOLF MAN (1941).